Are you a freelancer, entrepreneur or employee?
You can do your work from anywhere?

Then come to Tenerife! The perfect place for digital nomads, remote workers, start-ups, companies and anyone who wants to relocate their home office to the European sunny island of Tenerife for at least a week or for a longer period of time. 

Tenerife offers a sunny climate all year round and is considered one of the best places in the world where the climate with mild temperatures, sea and mountain air is very good for health and helps against depression. In winter, there are temperatures of 18°C to 22°C during the day and 13°C to 16°C at night. In summer it gets 23°C to 29°C during the day and 19°C to 21°C at night. The sun rises on the island between 7 am and 8 am all year round. The countless beautiful sunsets have a slightly longer time span, between 6 pm and 9 pm. Bye, bye grey days, hello sunny days! 

High-speed internet. Our accommodations have a superfast Fiber Optic connection WLAN 300 Mbps. So you can easily connect your Tenerife home office to the rest of the world. 

Tenerife is the largest island of the Canary Islands and belongs to Spain. The island is 1,300 km from the Spanish mainland and lies 300 km west of Africa. Tenerife has an area of 2034 square kilometres and about one million inhabitants. Great diverse and healthy recreational opportunities in nature with beaches, forests and the National Park Las Cañadas with the highest mountain of Spain, Pico del Teide. Before or after work you can enjoy the benefits of the island – surfing, hiking, climbing, mountain biking, outdoor yoga, scuba diving, snorkelling or just relaxing on the beach. An active and healthy lifestyle is easy to achieve. Many architectural, and historical sights such as old towns, temples, theatres, museums and palaces. Outside in the plazas and streets, there is also plenty of culture to experience, such as the traditional folk festivals, Romerías. And join in the celebrations at Tenerife’s magnificent world-famous carnival.

Tenerife has a convenient time zone. Tenerife is on Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). This means that the time zone is exactly the same as that of the UK and Portugal. Tenerife is strategically located to work remotely with most countries in Europe (only 1-2 hours later, Germany only 1 hour later) and in America (5-7 hours ahead). 

Lower cost of living. Tenerife is on average 20% cheaper than Germany and around 30% cheaper than the UK. 

Good air and ferry connections. Tenerife has 2 international airports served by numerous airlines, offering connections to many destinations, including the main European capitals: London, Berlin, Madrid, Rome, Paris, Helsinki or Amsterdam. The port of Tenerife’s capital Santa Cruz and the southern port of Los Christianos offer ferry connections to the other Canary Islands and mainland Spain (Huelva and Cadiz).

Tenerife offers a safe family-, gay-, and women-friendly, generally tolerant environment with low crime rates.

Good medical care. There are a number of first-class private and public clinics and hospitals where you can get excellent medical care. The European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) gives EU citizens access to cheaper or free state medical care. Many medical clinics have doctors who speak other languages. Government hospitals offer a translation service and private hospitals have an interpreting department.

An active remote working community supported by the island’s government is Tenerife Work & Play. Here you’ll find helpful information and you can sign up for the Welcome Pass with local offers. The digital nomad community has grown in the last Corona years. There are several groups that organise activities all over the island throughout the year. These events are a great opportunity to meet the international and local community, make new contacts and discover the island.

We hope to see you in Tenerife soon!

Accommodation in Tenerife North

Nice vacation home for rent in the small fishing village El Caleton at the sea with breathtaking panoramic views.

Nice vacation home for rent in the small fishing village El Caleton at the sea with breathtaking panoramic views.

Apartment in La Quinta, Santa Ursula, with a spectacular climate just 5 minutes from Puerto de la Cruz.

Are you looking for a beautiful apartment in a green environment close to the sea, where you can walk to the cliff? Then you are right with us!

Are you looking for a special top floor apartment with a large terrace in a green environment close to the sea...

Highlights of Tenerife North

You can experience ...

Sights, itineraries and unique experiences for which Tenerife is famous…

Famous black sand beach.

Stone fortress in front of the sea

Zoo with tigers, dolphins and more

Siam Park and artificial beaches

Complex with seawater lake

Beautiful beach in Tenerife North

International food, Mediterranean...

European Suitable for vegetarians

The best Canarian gastronomy.

The best Canarian gastronomy.

Specialized in Steakhouse

Specialized in mediterranean

Where to eat...

Here you will find the most important restaurants, bars and much more in Tenerife North.